• Medicine Management

  • Your Life Pharmacist is an expert at understanding your medicines.

    We recognize that your medicine management needs are unique. Your Pharmacist will consult with you in a private area, listening carefully to your specific medical needs and health requirements.

    Be sure to let your Pharmacist know about any side effects you may be experiencing with your medications. Also, remember to tell your Pharmacist about any other over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or health supplements you're taking.

    We highly recommend that you write a list and bring with you to your private consultation.

    Your Pharmacist will suggest a personalised plan to make it easier for you to manage your medicines.

    At Life Pharmacy Blenheim, care and advice is a major part of our service. Come in to find out more about the tools and services which can help you navigate your medicines and treatments more easily.

  • Medicine Packaging
  • Medicine Packaging

    • Do you find you sometimes forget to take your medicines?
    • Or find it hard to open pill bottles or read their labels?
    • Are you worried about a member of your family who may be finding it hard to keep track of what to take and when to take it?
    • Do you have children who need to take medication to school sometimes?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then at Life Pharmacy Blenheim we can help you choose the right packaging for your medicines. Packaging that makes it easier for you to take your medicines.

    Your Pharmacist can talk to you about whether separating your medicines by day and time into a medicine pack may help. Your tablets and capsules are put into a convenient, safe and reliable medicine pack instead of bottles and boxes, and the packs are labelled with the time and day to take each medicine.

    Come in to Life Pharmacy Blenheim to find out more about the handy packaging that can help you to remember to take the right medicine at the right time at the right dose.

  • Medicine Scheduling
  • Medicine Scheduling

  • Are you on regular medicines, perhaps even more than one?

    At Life Pharmacy Blenheim, we offer a range of medicine services to make taking your medicines and treatments easier.

    If you see a number of different health providers, who may all have prescribed different medicines for you, talk to a Life Pharmacist about how we can help you get a complete picture of all the medications you are taking, and help you to keep track of what to take and when.

    Your Pharmacist can provide you with an up-to-date list of all your medicines including any non-prescription medicines you may be taking.

  • Medicine Reminders
  • Medicines Text Reminder Service

  • Do you sometimes forget you have repeats on your medication to pick up?

    We get so busy that often we may not realise we've forgotten to pick up a medication repeat until we run out. It can also be frustrating to go along to pick up your medicines to find that you need to get another prescription from the doctor.

    At Life Pharmacy Blenheim, we can help you to remember to collect your medicines before the prescription expires. Come into our store in Blenheim and ask about our Medicines Text Reminder Service.

    Through this service, we'll send you a reminder that you are due to collect your medicine and we can also let you know when you will need to see your doctor for a prescription before you run out of your medication.

    This great service is FREE to you and is easy to sign up to. Visit us instore to sign up today.

  • Medicine Disposal
  • Medicine Disposal

  • Do you have left over, expired or unwanted medicines at home, and wonder what to do with them?

    At Life Pharmacy Blenheim, we will help you to dispose of unwanted medicines correctly.

    Medicines must be disposed of safely and a number of drugs require a specific type of disposal. We can help make sure your medicines don't end up in our waterways, or in the wrong hands.