• Health Checks at Your Pharmacy

  • Get your Health Snapshot at your Life Pharmacy Blenheim.

    Pharmacy health checks are NOT a replacement for your regular checkups with your GP. Rather, our well-trained team can perform a range of easy-to-understand health tests which provide a wealth of information for you to share with your doctor.

    Call or come in for a chat with your Pharmacist to learn about the health check services available at Life Pharmacy Blenheim.

    The types of health checks suitable for you depend on a variety of factors including your age, your gender and your family health history. Our team can help you determine which health checks you should have done at different stages of your life.

    Remember that when it comes to your health, prevention is much better than cure. Regular screenings can result in early detection of many major health problems.

    Your Pharmacist at Life Pharmacy Blenheim will always respect your privacy. There is a private consultation area available if you feel more comfortable talking privately.

    Don't delay, chat with your Life Pharmacist today!

  • BP Testing
  • Blood Pressure Testing (BP)

  • Your blood pressure rises with each heartbeat and falls when your heart relaxes between beats.

    Your blood pressure is continually changing depending on activity, temperature, diet, emotional state, posture, physical state and medication use.

    Anyone can be at risk of developing high blood pressure, which can lead to heart damage, stroke and damage to vital organs. Many people don’t experience any symptoms, so a check-up is a really good way to make sure your heart stays in good shape.

    Your Life Pharmacists can check your blood pressure levels as part of your overall health check, and they will discuss and explain the results with you in a private area. Your Blood pressure check will only take a few minutes, and your Life Pharmacist can record your results on a card for you to keep on hand, and share the results with your Doctor if you wish.

  • Bowel Screening
  • Bowel Screening

  • Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in New Zealand.

    The good news is that bowel cancer can be treated effectively if it is detected early.

    Your Pharmacist can discuss the benefits of BowelScreen Aotearoa™ - a clinically proven, accurate, non-invasive screening test that you complete in the privacy of your own home.

    After following the simple process the test is sent to a Laboratory for testing and the results are made available to you and your Doctor, so that your medical records are kept up to date and further investigations can be carried out if needed.

    Your Life Pharmacist will be able to advise if Bowelscreen Aotearoa™ is right for you.

  • Zinc Testing
  • Zinc Testing

  • Zinc is an important mineral, found in every tissue in our body and involved in many bodily processes necessary for good health.

    Zinc is especially essential for immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing and cell growth, and is required by the body to make many essential hormones.

    At Life Pharmacy we have a simple taste test that will give you an indication of your current zinc levels. Your Life Pharmacist will discuss and explain the results with you, and recommend a suitable zinc supplement if required.

    Our Pharmacist can talk to you in a private area about what is the right option for you.

  • Hearing Checks
  • Triton Hearing Checks

  • Do you sometimes think you are missing out on what is being said around you?

    At selected Life Pharmacy stores, you can come in at any time and take a free hearing test.

    The Triton Hearing Stations provide a convenient way to check your hearing, and should any hearing loss be detected, a Triton Hearing Customer Services Champion will get in contact with you to arrange a follow up appointment.

    You can also chat to our friendly Life Pharmacists about your hearing results.